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We Have Just Opened Up Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

Bijoux Investment Group is excited to announce the opening of a new real estate marketplace – and is now officially seeking investment properties in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

We have been working for the past 6 weeks building an excellent team of realtors, contractors and home inspectors. We are looking forward to making our first purchase in Prince Albert, a city in Central Saskatchewan, about 88 miles northeast of Saskatoon. Its industries include oil extraction, woodworking, pulp-and-paper milling and food packaging. The city is also a resort and gateway to Prince Albert National Park, and the Lund Wildlife Exhibit.

Interested in hopping on board? We are now fielding inquiries from interested Joint Venture Partners. Let’s discuss our Return on Investment expectations.

At Bijoux Investment Group we build active & passive real estate investment portfolios with fast, high & stable returns for our Joint Venture Real Estate Investor Partners to achieve their financial freedom. Contact us for a private consultation if you are looking for a better rate of return on your real estate investment.

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