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Welcome to Bijoux Investment Group,

Bijoux Investment Group, the brainchild of father and daughter, Keith and Sarah Vines.

Feeling tired of seeing affordable homes being bulldozed and replaced by homes that are too large for a single-family, as well as too expensive for many - Sarah was inspired to create a little magic. She dreamed of bringing life back to these functional, solid character homes, with a little creativity and a lot of love. So she enlisted her father, Keith - and off they went.
 They Started small by purchasing a 1,100 square foot 'Woods' bungalow. It was 1960's vintage and roughly worn, but structurally sound, and in a good location. With Sarah's creativity, and Keith's experience they went to work. Within 2 months, after replacing the roof and windows, updating the kitchen and 
bathroom, new fixtures, paint and flooring the house looked great. Forty-five days later, it became home to a grateful couple, finally able to afford a beautiful detached single-family home.
Sarah and Keith continued moving forward, updating older, neglected homes.  Applying their formula and learning with every renovation they completed. Their homes looked wonderful and sold quickly. Their buyers were happy and some enlisted Sarah and Keith to assist their friends and help them fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners.

Word got out!  Friends and acquaintances of both Keith and Sarah asked to get involved. They loved the idea of saving homes from the landfill. They loved the idea of creating nice, affordable homes.  And they loved the idea and generating a decent return on their investment. And so Bijoux Investment Group became to be.

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