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Become a Partner

Joint investor partners are the backbone of Bijoux Investment Group. It is their dedication and commitment that enable Sarah and Keith to fulfill their objectives.

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There is nothing more satisfying than setting a goal, and within a few short months achieving its potential. This happens consistently due to the trust and reliability that Sarah and Keith have in their partners. They hold Sarah and Keith accountable, entrusting them to work diligently towards generating a stable return on investment. 

Whether working on an ‘active’ project–one that generates a relatively quick turnaround with a ‘rehab &

This is done with a conservative attitude, demonstrating caution, and leaving little to chance with their real estate transactions.

 sell’, or a ‘passive project’– that will generate a long-term cash flow, they both require an exact plan. It all starts with purchasing a highly selective property in one of Canada’s many stable secondary real estate markets and conducting specific renovations and upgrades by an accredited contractor.


Sarah and Keith have organized several experienced teams in some of Canada’s secondary markets and are actively researching others continuingly. It’s the combination of these highly efficient teams and Sarah and Keith’s experience that enable the projects to run seamlessly, providing as little or as much involvement as each joint venture partner wishes, while remaining calm, without reason for concern throughout the process.


If becoming a joint venture partner sounds interesting and you would like more information, simply contact us to set up a telephone visit. We would love to hear from you

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